J E E P | green geo bedroom

Reused logs became the four poster bed in the attic bedroom of our guesthouse Villa Hoby Mosse.

Rebelwalls offer this amazing map of your own home hoods. You have to check it out if you like this. Just love the geo map wall paper.

Jeep green soft washed and perfectly wrinkled linen from Kardelen. This is my color. LOVE!

The map shows an overlook over our neighborhood in a unique and beautiful way. So when ever discussing the area with our guests visiting we have the best way to show it all. I just really like the look of the map, it makes for such a unique and personalized kind of wall deco, Rebelwalls Table lamp from Interstil

The green area in the middle here is the nature reserve that borders to our house. Here you see our house marked out,  if you know where to look :)

My friend Erik from Lövsjö loghouse made the bed from the good old logs from a loghouse that was torn down. This is a dream come true for me. When I first walked into this room I wanted this type of four poster rustic and over sized bed. Now its here!

My suede throw and large pillows go so well the Jeep green linen from Kardelen.

The worn&wonderful logs that the bed is made from adds so much to feeling in the room.

Pillows and sheets in Jeep green linen, Kardelen.


L I G H T | the candles

Photo www.pmpersson.com 

Time for weekend! 
When the darkness falls like it does in November in Sweden around 4 pm, then just light up all the candles. 

It makes the world of a difference. Life is really always about enjoying the little things. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ä N T L I G E N | dåtid

Min kollega Björn "Snickarbjörn" Christiernsen som jag nu gör Husräddarna med på TV3 och som jag även arbetade med under mina år i Äntligen Hemma (ÄH) har berättat om varför han slutade på ÄH och varför han ansåg ÄH vara en osund arbetsplats. Se artikeln här.

Lulu Carter som precis som jag fick sparken från ÄH utan förklaring eller förvarning är av samma uppfatting som Björn och skriver på sin blogg. Bosse Rappne jobbar kvar på ÄH i mindre omfattning än tidigare, men har försökt att förändra attityden arbetsplatsen utan framgång.

När jag själv fick det överumplande meningarna levererade från producenten över telefon 2011 då jag hälsades God Jul med avsked från ÄH när jag trodde vi skulle diskutera nästa års upplägg så skrev jag på bloggen : God Jul önskar Äntligen Hemma Jimmy 

 Gällande min tid på ÄH så håller jag med om att det var en osund arbetsplats. 

– Det är viktigt att säga att det inte är TV4 vi pratar om. Det här handlar uteslutande om ”Äntligen hemma”. Redaktionen har en hierarkisk struktur som väldigt få arbetsplatser har och det är endast en person som egentligen tas till vara på.

Om det var en vanlig arbetsplats, inte ett tv-program, så hade någon behövt undersöka varför så många har fått avsked från redaktionen. Man skulle ta in nån managementkonsult och försöka hitta kärnan till problemen och då skulle man bli tvungen att koppla in psykjouren, för så allvarligt är det.
 Dock har det inte alltid varit så.

När jag började jobba på ÄH så var producent och redaktör oerhört erfarna, kunniga och styrde detta stora skepp som Äntligen Hemma är med van hand. 

Tyvärr så byttes de viktiga chefspositionerna aldeles för ofta och Producenter och Redaktörer kom och gick. När jag fick avsked var det Daniel Röös som var producent och det är han än. Nu är hans fru Karin Redaktör. Tillsammans med Martin Timell har de skrivit en bok. 

Björn Christiernsen, Bosse Rappne, Lulu Carter och jag har alla talat om problemen i en artikel.

Problem med mobbing och utanförskap är lika vanliga på arbetsplatsen som i skolan skulle jag tro. Att inte känna att man räknas på jobbet gör att man tappar självförtroendet.

För mig var det min stora räddning att jag blev uppsagd. Konstigt men sant! Det trodde jag inte först, men att upptäcka återigen att jobbet jag får möjlighet att göra handlar ALLTID om teamwork som skall fungera som jag fick bekräftat i jobbet med min redaktion på Husräddarna/Jarowskij och för att det skall fungera måste alla räknas arbetsplatsen. Komunikation är nyckeln till framgång på alla arbetsplatser. 


I worked for over 5 years with a DIY show that ended abruptly for me with an unexpected discharge. Still do not know why.  Co workers  from this time, that now are not in the show anymore are discussing the problems of this work period in the media along with one who is still working

So therefor my long Swedish text. All of it of no meaning at all if you have not seen the TV show that was...IS running still on Swedish tv. Now though with a fifth of the viewers compared to when we were working with it. 


L O C A L | x-mas

X | mas julstjärna/poinsettia
All over Europe poinsettias are a part of Christmas. Enormous amounts of plants are bought. Buy local poinsettias like 'Ice Cryststal' julstjärna/poinsettia that is Swedish grown and sold news. Uppdatera dig genom Blomsterfrämjandet. Buy local flowers for X mas.


T H E | apartment copenhagen

For me to get over to Copenhagen is always a treat. With the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark it has become really easy to travel over Öresund. Living 40 min by car from the Danish capitol I go both for work and pleasure.

This house epitomizes the historic parts of Copenhagen like Christianshavn which is were I´m at today. 

When I got the adress I just smiled. It could not be more Danish. Love it.

Overgaden nedan Vandet 33, 
2nd floor
1414 Copenhagen K, Denmark

The place is called The Apartment and please note that it is located on the 2nd floor so you do not, like me, look for it at street level. You make an appointment or call the doorbell and is ushered up. The entrance to the 18th century house has the most beautiful staircase.

When you come in, this lovely view is what you see. The 18th century gorgeous and large apartment is decorated like a tasteful home, (not like a store) with a collection of 20th century furniture and art and all is for sale off course.

This Kare Klint Cuban leather seat just like this. Worn&wonderful is a piece of furniture that I wanted for myself for a long time. Classic cool that never goes out of style. LOVE!

Everything you find at the Apartment is found with price and description on their
inventory on their website.
and can be shipped all over the world. 

Art and furniture in harmony. This Patricia Urquiola sofa designed for Moroso is very inviting in this fabric.

The Apartment not only sells furniture and art they also offer individually designed interiors both for private homes and comercial spaces. 

A botanical cupboard signed Josef Frank (from the 30´s) that worked alongside Estrid Ericson at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm.

Even the backyard at The Apartment has beauty to share.
What a treat is was to see this place. Check it out yourself when you get to wonderful wonderful Copenhagen. 


The Apartment is located right by the canals in Christanshavn.


A D V E N T | flowers at Wallåkra

The brick building from 1864 covered in clay art and ivy.

 When you are offered this much inspiration in one place it´s a real treat to see a press event. 

Just look at all the wonderful creative ideas that are handed out in the most inspiring of places. 

A Stoneware factory from 1864. Intact - kept for the future. 
What a place to visit!


Att få lära mig mer om Skåne och alla underbara historiska platser är det mest njutbara för mig med att bo i denna del av Sverige. Här är ytterligare en plats som jag rekommenderar att se, njuta av, prova på att testa hantverk, äta god mat och införskaffa vackra kärl med historiska vingslag ingjutna.


The green design courtesy of the Blomsterfrämjandet event greets you outside.

A fire welcomes outside to get the feeling of Christmas and winter started.

A wreath with a rough eclectic mix on a stick tripod is very much to my liking. Great for the entrance at home.

Plain pine wreaths are so stylish in groups.

Go with the grain. Contrasting the  red Poinsettia with the dried grain gives a big effect.

Begonias in baskets. Shown here with the ceramics from Wallåkra.

The art of candle making. At Wallåkra candles are made and courses are held in the traditional art.

A white Poinsettia against the brick floor and the  stoneware made at Wallåkra.

Love everything about this. The worn folk wodden crate. The waxed paper crumbled. The moss and pine cones in an unorderly fashion and the flowers trying to find its way. This could be done with so many types of flowers
Tied together creating a joint vase and bouquet. Masterly!

Love of amaryllis

Down the drain. In the most delightful way!

As you can see I love this.

White flowers together in the most simple way can be very effective in candle light as a atmosphere creator.

Not only is the white flower & candle table a joy to see, but the Swedish grown Lily of the Valley (liljekonvalj) has the most amazing subtle scent. I stayed here for a long time. Scents make a home.

A candle wreathe in the unorderly fashion that is so appealing and so NOW. Using branches that don´t conform and has no need to be united. Just let them stick out and live their own life. Creating a whole new alive feel. Lovely!

This is THE OVEN at Wallåkra  seen from above. The ceramics go in the oven for 3 days!! 4 times a year this 21 sqm oven is heated whith the burning of coal for 3 days. Every 30 min new coal has to be added.

Poinsettia and golden feathers in your tree this year ?

Åsa is the owner of Wallåkra and Andreas is responsible for the creative inspiring ideas that you´ve seen, all made possible by Blomsterfrämjandet.

....and YES, I would like to build a oven like this and use as a BBQ at the Stable at home....


W A N Å S | konst/art

Yoko Ono Wishing Tree

Swings just waiting for you.

THREE huge red balls are stuck or hung high up in the trees. If you want to know which artist came up with this concept you can check out WANÅS KONST website here 

Art in the park at Wanås Castle is an experience that gives so much back that I will go every year and more than once. 

Open all year you can go whenever it is the right time for you. The surroundings are so beautiful in itself that would be enough for a sight seeing to see the Castle and the surrounding nature. 
Added to that is art at an international level that gives so much to the historic park that you are that there is nothing to compare it with. 
It is unique. 

Just GO and you will see for your self. Here is my recollection of my art&nature experience in pictures.

Wanås Castle

Jeppe Hein Modified Social bench

What do you think?

Robert Wilson/A house for Edwin Denby made Terry our bordercollie very curious, because there were voices inside the building, and those voices were not the only one heard in the forest...

Jacob Dahlgren/Primary Structure

Sissel Tolaas/Terra Maximus

Mary Sibande/Let slip the dogs of war