R O O M | by the lake

A room,or...six pillars and a floor ...with a wonderful view. 

A pergola is six pillars and a floor ....
AND an amazing possibility to have a room for enjoyment almost on top of the lake.

Classic white wooden furniture.

Kalles Trädrård in Askersund provided the greenery and a rusty old beautiful wheel that crowned the table. table grill, Eva Solo

Wool and wonderfully warm, cosy pillows and throws, Klippan

Seated by the lake. Does it get better than this ?

After the rain. Classic wooden furniture Brafab

Night time is the right time. Table ware and lanterns, Interstil


S O M E T H I N G | blue

A curvy floor lamp from ByRydéns
Bedframe made from reused wood from Lövsjö Loghouse

A small room with a LARGE bed makes the headboard the deco, the wallpaper, the extra comfy seating and the frame for the room. It creates the atmosphere of the bedroom and it is LARGE. LOVELY!

I made the textile headboard from foam attached to plywood with a lining textile first and then the actual visual textile on top of that using a tacker. So 2 layers of fabric. That is the secret to making it look even and professional. Reused jeans among the chosen materials. The corners off course being the difficult part in the process of making each individual textile square. I made 12 textile squares, but you can make them them any size you wish naturally. I wanted the feel of a collage.  

There is always room for lanterns and candle light. 

Hanging pots from Ferm Living are ideal in small spaces.

Rustic shelving, Lövsjö Loghouse in levels of usage

Mixing patterns for a relaxed and creative look. Bedlinen from Zebra Collection. 

Individual coffeymugs from Royal Copenhagen. Clever bed tray from Zebra Collection.

Sit back and relax. The bed is your sofa as well as a bed and the most comfy place.

Branch hangers from Lövsjö Loghouse

Wool throw and light blue wool cushion from Klippan

By the door is a lantern to take outside at night hanging on a branch hanger from Lövsjö Loghouse.

SMALL SPACE | chelsea fan

The goal is to sleep.

In episode 2 Husräddarna,tv3 Sverige,  we took on a small lake house. The small attic loft was aimed at a young Chelsea soccer fan, for whom now sleeping is a goal. Two beds are better than one in a house where guests are frequent in summer time.

 Log table on wheels for a more mobile solution from Lövsjö Loghouse

Making minus space + by using only low floor seating so that all floor space can be used.

Football light seems right here Aneta.

Cushioned seat.

To be able to fit a desk I cut the legs and uses a good soft rug and pillows for a seat instead of a chair, because it would not fit otherwise...


SMOKED GLASS headboard

Contrast work

Husräddarna is the tv program on tv3 Sweden, where we help families rebuild their homes after the nightmare of a fire. 

The families houses are rebuilt and then complete the home and do the interiors.  

This is the master bedroom of the family of the first episode 2015. As an interior designer helping the family I work with them for a long time to find out what it is they go for interior wise. 
Here is the result.

Clever storage from Interstil with drawers all around.

ByRydens industrial lights and Mimou pillows

Seat by Interstil, table from Atelje Alt. Messagebox from Bxxlght

STAY IN BED. YES DO! Curtain made from Marimekko fabric Moments.

Black and hues of white in pillows from Mimou. 

Wall light and a painted branch as deco.

Glass as a headboard set in sturdy reused logs painted black from Lövsjö Loghouse

Pillows with a message from Mimou.

As you come in the door to the bedroom you see the whole room through the smoked glass headboard.

Please be seated.

Black against white creates a dramatic contrast.

It´not a big bedroom but it has all that´s needed+extra comfort in a great bed. Embroidered covers from Mimou.

Black&white is just right.

Room for play&rest

A rainbow colored slide and a room for play and rest is what the familes 5 year old son wanted in Husräddarna, tv3 Sweden. I had so much fun creating this room. THANK YOU SIMON!

Red bendable snake looking clip lights from ByRydéns

When you enter the room a large image of a tractor behind a plexiglass set with grips to climb meets you. On the floor a mattress and pillow if you feel like jumping back down.

The train hanger from Maze is a favorite

Ryds plexiglass along with logs from Lövsjö Loghouse made it possible to climp up the tractor.


N O R T H modern and ME

Clever and new type of stand with shoebox
I spent the day at Copenhagen´s North Modern Fair in August and since I am the laziest blogger alive here is my belated recollection from my walks in this beautiful space for exhibiting called Bella Center, a name that sounds like a Beauty Parlor (yes I know what Bella means in Italian...)  but is really THE perfect place to host fairs...like North Modern.

Love these new editions of Wegner´s masterpieces

Funny -- you say --well this is not new! Correct!! I just love when good design is remade and reused and made in new updated versions. Good design is always good design.

Wegner magic from PP

Detaling that makes you marvel

Just seeing the details of the wood meeting the seams and the meticulous work that has been done. LOVE IT!

The Well proven stool has a brother...or sister - IT´s a CHAIR

So sorry for this NOT such a good picture but....I really go for this stone looking but being a foam-ish created chair from Pleasewaittobeseated

Wallbox from Please wait to be seated

Storage boxes in a way I have not seen and like the individual feel they create.

Ferm Living plant tables
Since plants are growing increasingly important there is no wonder that we crave furniture to keep them in, hence the revival of the plant table from Ferm living

Marvel at more and more Marble in all areas in interiors

Tonone lamps in all versions I like

Capello light 

Inspired by the classic Arcolamp by Castiglioni Cappello saw the light of creation from design work from Molodesign

Molodesign have created the delicate dancing light Capello