I LOVE X-mas traditions and this is what I choose for the first advent weekend.  

Favorite scents
Hyacinth, green moss and  white&black stones and quail eggs (emptied)

Oranges pinned with cloves (with or without ribbons) and apples.

LOVE the easy way 
Wooden trays that flowershops keep make for a perfect arrangement. Fill with hyacinth and green moss. Add christmas deco on top for a table setting with the right feel.

A heart from branches with one or two ornaments.

Large cinamon and more oranges with cloves tied with black ribbons.

Apples painted with egg whites and powdered with icing suger 
makes the apples look like the just came in from a snowy tree.

The scent of hyacinth is Christmas to me.

A small X mas tree made from branches of pine 
glued with a glue gun to a paper towel roll

The scent of cloves mixed with oranges makes X-mas.


Invaded by Love Warriors

The most beautyful candleholders.

Pillows, necklace and scull candle.

Petrified wood stool/table

Photoart and pillows.

Laced Longhorns

As beautiful around your neck.

Pillows and photoart

Ran by chance straight into the world of Love Warriors of Sweden and was invaded by a want for so many beautiful things that I don´t think that has happened before ever #jimmyschonninghem instagram followers have already seen some favorites. 

Here are more of Love Warriors carefully chosen pieces.  Collected and curated from all over the world and presented in such alluring way that a need is formed when you see the pictures and the style it brings. 

Thank you Mia @ Tres Pr


Summer framed

100x100 cm 1 200 kr, 50x50 cm 650 kr, 35x35 cm 650 kr

 I love summer. So I photographed&framed it. In November it is amazing to look at when its completely grey outside. I feel almost like these pictures are a figment of my imagination when I see them now. 
But the are real. 
That´s the whole point. 
Real Swedish summer framed. 

The largest picture is 100x100 cm and the smallest has a thick wooden frame that doubles as a shelf. All pictures printed on cotton canvas.  Just email me at js@jimmyschonning.com to order.


80x80 cm  1 100 kr , 50x50 cm 650 kr, 35x35 cm 650 kr


Christmas in Copenhagen


   I think this is a very attractive way of surprising on the first of December. Would love to have a wall full of possibilities like this. The wall pockets and the calender idea is from Danish company Normann Copenhagen. Just an amazing storage wall AND a present calander PRE Christmas. 
Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen!


 The large wonderful Christmas candle is from Normann Copenhagen as well. The pink hue was very refreshing at this time of year. Don´t you think ?(pink)

I took the picture when the Christmas lighs wer unveiled.

Being my closest capital, me and my Hubby went to Copenhagen.
 Copenhagen in Christmas glory at the D´Angleterrre hotel when the lights were lit on friday when we visited was a sight to see, but the whole city sparkles.

Elle Decoration UK writes in the December issue that Copenhagen is the perfect spot to visit for Christmas if you want the right Christmas feeling. I certainly agree!



The oak men lamp that I have showed before www.theoakmen.com

Went to the Danish Design Days and this is what I found. This is the 3:d and last post on what I got happy about at the fair on Danish Design in Copenhagen.

Maison Martin Margiela Russian Dolls with their white anonymity are deco I love.

Fun new vibrant colors of the candle holder from www.applicata.dk

LOVE this stool called Monarchy stool by Yannis Ghikas for www.objekten.com in Brussels. There are similiar designs, but this nails it for me. Just love the shape and its as decorative and sculptural as it is useful.

A must for coffey lovers is Decafé lamp by Raúl Laurí that won first price at Salone Satellite in Milan 2012. It´s made from coffey. Read about it at www.rlauri.com

Really fell for these lamps that I can find place for any day. Found through www.2rethink.dk

Not overgrown has a beauty as well. Found this at Bella center on my way out.


My favorite kitchen

If you visit my blog often you have probably seen this kitchen before. It was made for the black house you see in the picture that I named Ensta Strand. Aftonbladet Härligt Hemma has a piece about it online. See it here.

Om du inte sett köket på Ensta Strand som jag var så nöjd med så titta här.



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